1.2 Strigol:

The spontaneous germination of the seeds of these parasites on treatment with water is much lower than the germination after treatment with exudates from the roots of a potential host. Root exudates from cotton [Gossypium hirsutum L.] were found to stimulate the germination of Striga lutea seeds. A compound was isolated from these exudates which was found to be highly active in stimulating germination of striga species, and was given the trivial name strigol 13,14,15,16. The structure of strigol [1] was determined by McPhail et al using X-ray crystallography 17.

molecular structure of strigol indicating four chiral carbon atoms

There are four chiral carbon atoms in the molecular structure [1], as marked by asterisks. ...

... in progress.

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Synthetic Strigol Analogues: Chapter 1: Strigol

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