A dissertation for the degree of Bachelor of Science in the School of Molecular Sciences of the University of Sussex


Robert James Grenville Howe

May, 1976

10-Methylacridan-9-carboxylates were prepared from acridine-9-carboxylic acid, and were characterized by elemental analysis, melting point, proton nmr, infra-red,ultra-violet and mass spectra. The intermeditae in a substiuted phenol synthesis was identified.

The effect of micelle formation on fourteen chemiluminescent reastions was studied, using cationic, neutral and anionic surfactants. The use of substituted phenyl 10-methylacridan-9-carboxylic esters provided information as to the location and orientation of substrates in micelles.

The rate of reaction and quantum efficiency of acridan phenyl ester chemiluminescence was studied in detail with the cationic surfactant cetyltrimethylammonium bromide. The rate of acridan phenyl ester hydrolysis in aqueous base in the absence of oxgen was measure for comparison.

All the experimental work embodied in this disseration was carried out in the School of Molecular Sciences of the University of Sussex by the candidate under the supervision of Dr. F. McCapra and Dr. G. L. Pratt, between April 1974 and May 1976.

Chemiluminescent Reactions in Micelles

Robert J G Howe
Fareham, Hampshire, England

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